GLAZES: The Colors
The glazes I use are continually a “work-in-progress” to search for the right combination of colors that will satisfy my own tastes and appeal to the buyer. These glazes are purchased from New Mexico Clay in Albuquerque. I may use them as a single color or in combination. All are non-toxic, lead-free, food and dinnerware safe. The samples below are closeups from my pottery pieces.  In addition, my preferred glazes for cone 10 firings include Shaner Red/Yellow, Tomato Red, Wheat, Rhodes Rutile and Black. These glazes are not pictured below.

Glaze Color Samples:
Ancient Jasper
over Blue Rutile
Blue Rutile Deep Olive Speckle Iron Lustre
over Oatmeal
Oatmeal Oil Spot Red Gloss Salt Buff
Texture Bronze Mystic Jade (Crystals)
over Red Gloss

These glazes were applied to bisque-fired clay and glaze fired to cone 6 in a Skutt electric kiln or to cone 10 in a gas-fired kiln. Glazes applied to clay body types and colors will respond differently. These glazes were applied to Marilyn’s Bod. Photos of glazes may not correspond to actual colors based on lighting.

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